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The medieval push and shove of crowds, the street performers, the stalls hawking everything from prayer flags to jewel-encrusted yak skulls, and the devout tapping their foreheads to the ground at every step is an exotic brew that few newcomers can resist. Being Tibet's most sacred site in Lhasa, pilgrims from around the country come here to pray and make the clockwise "kora" around its perimeter.
Jokhang is 1300 years old and it was built to commemorate the marriage of the Tang princess Wencheng to King Songtsen Gampo, asnd houses a pure gold statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni Brought to Tibet by the princess. The temple is best visited early in the mroning; after noon, you will have to enter via the side door to the right of the entrance. Entry is free, unless you're with a guide. (Y25)
Around the Jokhang is the Barkhor, which includes many stalls with all sorts of products for sale, including prayer flags as seen on the left.














On the left, the view from the roof of the Jokhang looking down into the courtyard in front of the temple. On the right, the Potala Palace as seen from the roof.
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